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Main Areas

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Economy and Jobs

INCREASING JOBS FOR AMERICA’S WORKERS AND REVIVING THE ECONOMY: Jump start America's economy into record growth to create jobs and increase take-home pay for working Americans.
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PROTECTING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND OUR HOMELAND: Enforce immigration laws to protect American communities and American jobs.
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Foreign Policy

OPPOSING TRADE PRACTICES THAT UNDERMINE NATIONAL SECURITY: Address global overcapacity and unfair trade practices in the steel and aluminum industries.
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National Security and Defense

PROTECTING AMERICA AND OUR ALLIES BY REBUILDING THE MILITARY: rebuilding our military, defeating terrorist organizations, and confronting rogue nations to protect America and our allies.
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EXPANDING SCHOOL CHOICE: support expanding school choice across the country so every parents have a voice in their children’s education.
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Land and Agriculture

IMPROVING THE LIVES OF RURAL AMERICANS: give states more flexibility in how they administer food stamps.
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Law and Justice

WORKING WITH LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT: Our team and the Department of Justice are working with local law enforcement to protect American communities.
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Energy and Environment

ESTABLISHING AMERICAN ENERGY DOMINANCE: reversing years of policies that locked-up American energy and restricted our ability to sell to other countries.
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Government Accountability

MAKING GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE: following through on the promise to drain the Washington swamp and make the Government accountable.
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Health Care

PROVIDING AMERICANS THE HEALTHCARE THEY NEED: making every necessary changes in the healthcare industry.
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Infrastructure and Technology

BUILDING STRONGER RURAL COMMUNITIES: Our Infrastructure Initiative will help ensure Americans living in rural communities have access to the quality infrastructure they deserve.
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Social Programs

FIGHTING BACK AGAINST OPIOIDS: Our Administration is fighting back against drug addiction and opioid abuse.
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    President Trump is following through on his promise to drain the Washington swamp and make the Government accountable.